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Webcampak: Price, sales process, and politeness

Webcampak is the key element of a whole custom-built solution based upon our customers’ needs and requirements. This is a complex product which might, in some cases, require competences in a wide variety of areas.

Our role is to understand your project and offer the best ready-to-use solution fitting your requirements.

It is therefore very difficult to answer a price questions without any knowledge of the project. Buying a Webcampak is very different than buying an IP Camera in a computer store.

After an initial contact we will be able to send you a first budget estimation. We will then start exchanging with you by email or phone to better understand your project. Once we all agree on your project will send you a quotation for a solution matching your requirements.

Very often our customers ask us if we offer discount in case multiple devices are ordered. The answer is “yes, most of the time”, depending of the project wan are usually able to offer discounts.

Just take an example : In a project with multiple Webcampak and one central server (Webcampak-pro) and a “simple” network, one of the most time consuming task is the configuration of the first Webcampak and first server. Once done, configuring a new Webcampak will probably need only 80% of the time necessary to configure the first one. We would then be able to offer a discount as it will require less time on our side.

Just notice that we are only talking about configuration time, hardware costs are identical between Webcampak (except if you order a very large number of devices), so spending 20% less time in configuration does not corresponds to 20% discount.

Let’s finish this blog post with politeness, we sometime receive emails like this (last one a few days ago) :

_Where can I find prices for you webcampak products?

Thanks J… D…._

Communicating by email does not mean politeness is not necessary (Hello, Good Morning, …), as explained above we cannot provide prices if we do not have details about the project, and such emails does not motivate us to explain it to the sender.

As always, we are available to answer any of your questions, by email ( or phone (+33 2 51 10 74 15).

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