Webcampak Cloud

High performance and scalable timelapse system

Cloud processing power for your projects

Connect your IP cameras or CCTV systems to Webcampak Cloud and step into professional timelapse solutions. Equipped with advanced features, reliable and secured, Webcampak Cloud will help your deliver your projects efficiently.

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IP Cameras

IP Cameras

Webcampak Cloud can accomodate most IP cameras and CCTV systems available on the market. Our technical team will assist you to interconnect your infrastructure to Webcampak Cloud.

Capture rate

Variable capture rate

Define precisely your capture rate to match exactly your project’s requirements. Enable variable capture to capture pictures only when you need it based upon the hour of the day or day of the week. Edit those settings at any time via Webcampak Cloud configuration panel.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring & configuration

Browse within pictures remotely, zoom into specific portions of an image. If you find one of those pictures especially interesting you can send it by email to one of your contact right from Webcampak web interface. Change Webcampak settings at anytime using its custom built configuration panel.

Automated processing

Automated processing

Automatically edit captured pictures. Modify it (crop, zoom, …), insert a date, a legend, your company’s logo inside all captured picture.

Website publishing

Website publishing

Send pictures automatically to your website in the definition of your choice and promote your business easily and instantly.

Timelapse videos

Timelapse videos

Each day, watch a short timelapse video of the previous day. With this feature you can see in seconds if anything did not went according to plan.


Two datacenters

Choose between an European (Lille, France) or North-American (Montreal, Canada) datacenter to host your Webcampak Cloud. Our servers are hosted in secured, high bandwidth datacenters.

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Webcampak can email you automatically if, for any reason, it failed to capture pictures, allowing you to react quickly if something went wrong.



During the duration of your rental, technical experts will be available to help you use and configure the system.