About Us

High performance and scalable timelapse system

Our approach

Webcampak aims at providing our clients with a reliable, secured and scalable 24/7 picture acquisition solution. Working primarily with photographers, film-makers and agencies we take care of all the technical details necessary to install and operate our solution, giving our client the ability to focus on the artistic aspect of the project and the end-result they have in mind.

The team

Webcampak is developed and operated by a very diverse team, giving us the ability to work along our customers until the end of the project. Whether we need to operate a cherry picker, custom-build an outdoor enclosure, implement custom feature in our software or monitor everything 24/7 we have most of the the necessary skills in-house. And, if a need arise for something outside our skillset we can work with various partners (scafolding specialists, photographers, film-makers) in various geographical areas.

Freedom of use

With Webcampak we are aiming at giving as much freedom and flexibility to our clients. Other than potential technical limitations (no, one single Webcampak cannot hold 150 TB of pictures), we do not implement any restrictions on our solution. And we give you all the "keys" to operate the system on your own may you want to do so.

Once purchased you are free to re-use and re-deploy the system however you like, with or without our assistance, with or without our monitoring services.