Reliable and Secured


Since 2009, we provide photographers, construction companies, cities, hotels and resorts with secured and reliable automated pictures capture appliances.

Webcampak to assist in the operation of one or more D-SLR cameras during a long term timelapse cameras.

Main Features

  • Support most Canon and Nikon D-SLR cameras
  • Support JPG and RAW capture
  • Variable capture rates (different capture frequency based on day of the week and/or hour of the day)
  • On-the-fly picture manipulation (rotate, crop, zoom, resize, watermark, text)
  • Send pictures via FTP
  • Multi-users web interface with different level of permissions
  • Multi-webcampak centralization
  • Automated Video creation
  • … plus many other

Webcampak history

Webcampak initially started in 2009 as a one-off small project but seing its potential, it progressively grew towards a much more complete and scalable solution.

  • January 2010, we release a first version of our configuration panel
  • April 2010, we add a client interface to view pictures
  • June 2010, new version of the configuration panel
  • January 2011, revamped version of the configuration panel
  • October 2012, webcampak 2.0, bringing end client and configuration interface together into a scalable cloud platform
  • Summer 2015, webcampak 3.0, major upgrade with big-data support for improved reporting