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Webcampak is two years old, happy birthday !

Webcampak is was born two years ago, created initially to answer a specific request we've been working on it regularly ever since.

Readers of Infracom and Webcampak blogs had a chance to look at Webcampak evolutions, this blog post gives you a quick overview of the changes.

Initially, Webcampak web interface was “simple”, with one single page to view and edit all settings. We separated it later in two different sections:

  • viewer panel: to browse within pictures and timelapse videos.
  • administration panel: to change settings and launch custom video creation.

We also added a right management module, so that Webcampak administrator can choose which content can be seen by which user.

Some old and new screenshots of the interface:

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Hardware also changed, our first development platform was using Fonera Wi-Fi router and a compact Canon camera. We quickly replaced it by “nettop” computers, giving us  increased performances, reliability and flexibility. Today, each Webcampak is equipped with an embedded industrial computer.

We also tested multiple enclosure, from custom made solutions to CCTV enclosures made with PVC or metal. We finally decided to use an enclosure made by an affiliate company of Schneiders Electrics. This enclosure allow us to install Webcampak devices in a wide range of meteorological environments.

Our “core” software, holding the system’s intelligence has also been highly modified. Fully re-written in Python over two months in early 2011, this work greatly increased Webcampak spectrum. Python “object” development gives scalability to the system and allow us to modify the system easily to answer requests from our customers.

Over the past two years, our product went through various development phases all of them successfully completed, with a product proven to be reliable, scalable and powerful.

We believe that Webcampak is currently a key player on the long-term timelapse market internationally.

This blog post is also a good opportunity to thank all our testers, customers, prospects for comments and suggestions they gave us, allowing us to improve the product.

We might have a few additional suprises in our boxes, everything should be detailed in this blog at a later stage.

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