Image by Florian Klauer


Webcampak on display

Our Webcampak has been recently modified to include the ability to display « live » pictures in full-screen with the page automatically refreshed every 5 minutes..

With this functionality you can display in a public areas (waiting room, building hall, …) captured pictures in full-screen on dedicated display devices (such as HD TV).

We identified multiple business cases:

  • Display building progress,
  • Show renovation works of a touristic attractions,
  • Show “webcam”-like pictures (such as in ski resorts),

With Webcampak you can automatically edit pictures to change level of details, crop to a specific zone, mask portions of the pictures. You can choose precisely elements to be displayed to your visitors.

We created two different modes :

  • Simple: on single picture is displayed an refreshed automatically every five minutes.
  • Slideshow: multiple pictures (from multiple Webcampak) are displayed one after another. The whole slideshow is refreshed every 5 minutes.

Please contact us if you want more details about our solution.

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