Image by Florian Klauer


High above ground (1/2)

We always tell our customers that each Webcampak is unique, not only because of its configuration, but also due to its physical installation.

Last week was no exception to this rule, two of the Webcampak we installed were installed on 30 and 10 meters above ground and were very different.

For the project detailed in this blog post, an additional Webcampak (the first one was installed on the other side of the building) is installed on top of a 30+ meters pole.

As for a majority of such poles, it’s height makes it difficult to reach by a common cherry picker, therefore installation was performed by specialized rope access technicians. Using such technique has some constraints, one of them being that only properly insured and trained people are able climb on top of the pole.

Once all equipments (Webcampak and its Wi-Fi bride) were on top of the pole, remaining manipulations were very simple (setting final camera focus and focal length). Having an instant access to captured picture from the bottom of the pole we were able to guide technicians through camera manipulations.

This Webcampak is connected to Internet over a Wi-Fi bridge and send all pictures to Webcampak Cloud. This project is expected to last 24 months.

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