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Webcampak 2.0 – Freedom

When developing a product, you need to define strategies and orientations to ensure that this product, on which you worked during months or years, is going to answer business needs and customer requirements.

With Webcampak, one of our strategy has been to give as much freedom as possible to our customers. We want our customers to have the ability to choose how they want to use our product and if they want (or not) to interconnect their Webcampak with our central servers.

We therefore created a solution that could be used autonomously, partially connected (remote access/configuration) or fully connected to our central servers (i.e. cloud). Those three scenarios use the exact same hardware and software, the only difference being configuration settings. This approach makes easy to switch from one mode to another at anytime.

We strongly believe this is a key element of Webcampak’s scalability and adaptability to a wide range of requirements. It also greatly increases its lifetime, as Webcampak can be easily moved from one project to another just by editing its configuration.

At a given time, we only sell (or rent) on single Webcampak version, on which we could attach various options (Cloud, 3G/4G link, redundant storage, …) to match our customers requirements.

This approach ease management (one single hardware and software version at anytime) but it also push performance forward as one single Webcampak must be able to be process all tasked required for an autonomous solution (and the other way around).

As of today we probably have the most advanced product of this kind available on the market. With close to 400 configuration settings per capture source, Webcampak is extremely scalable  and can be implemented in a large variety of situations.

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