Image by Florian Klauer


Webcampak – Outdoor weatherproof photography system

We recently installed two photo monitoring Webcampak systems for one of our French client. This blog post will give you a few details about the installation.

Those two Webcampak are installed outdoor in weather-proof, ventilated and heated (when necessary) enclosures. A simple weather station records site’s temperature, pressure and humidity to be displayed next to pictures.

You can see on the above picture one of the system installed on a pole. Installation has been made easy by using a connection box (on the back of the enclosure). This box allow easy connection of electrical and network cables without having to open the whole enclosure. Weather station is located at the front.

Those systems take pictures and send it via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to a secured server (RAID-5 for engineers). This server will store pictures, automatically generate timelapse videos and create small version of the pictures to smooth remote off-site monitoring.

All pictures and videos are reachable over Internet using our authenticated interface (username / password).

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