Image by Florian Klauer


Programming: New weather sensors graphs

We implemented RRDTool within Webcampak core software. RRDTool is well-known network (not only) graphing tool used by large network monitoring software (Nagios/Centreon being one of them).

We were previously using matplotlib, a library created to display scientifical values (maths, stats, …) with a wide range of capabilities, not only focusing on graphing temporal values. The downside of this was its complexity, matplotlib is way more complex to implement than RRDTool.

No major impacts for our users except slightly more user-friendly graphs but on our side it opens a new range of future capabilities we might offer to our customers (we could for example develop a module to measure precisely Webcampak network bandwidth performance).

Anyway, from now we’ve got new nice graphs and a more stable software.

Just take a look at temperature variation compared to humidity. Higher is the humidity lower is the temperature, and vice-versa.

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