Webcampak infrastructure highlight


Webcampak infrastructure – Pictures and video permissions (3/4)

A Webcampak project usually involves four different kind of users:

  • Eurotechnia teams, taking care of maintenance and support of Webcampak infrastructure. Except instructed otherwise we have remote access to all deployed Webcampak.
  • Artistic Manager (photographer, film-maker, …), defining the final look and story of the time-lapse video. He has access to most Webcampak components and can remotely change Webcampak configuration (such as capture frequency).
  • End-Customer, can browse within pictures and videos. This kind of users could  be a company’s CEO, a project manager, a construction manager, a marketing department, … User-permissions can be adjusted very precisely.
  • General Public would eventually have a live access to pictures, via the company’s public website.

For increased security, access to any content hosted within Webcampak infrastructure requires authentication. Pictures are publicly accessible only if they are published on a public website.