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Webcampak Cloud – Now Available

After many months of development and an extensive beta phase, Webcampak Cloud is now available ...

… via our partner Infracom and detailed in a dedicated section of our website.

After a study of timelapse and picture monitoring market we decided to extend our range of services to a larger customer base.

With Webcampak we created a high end product with a large set of features to capture very high definition pictures and probably have one of the most advanced product of its kind on the market.

But, we’ve been told that business justification of a Webcampak installation in low budget projects can be difficult to achieve. We therefore thought about possible ways to provide our customers with Webcampak technology at an inexpensive price. The result of this is a new product, unique on the market: Webcampak Cloud.

With Webcampak Cloud you can connect our pre-configured IP cameras (or yours) to the system. You will then have access to a dedicated interface to view pictures, videos or edit configuration.

All Webcampak Cloud offers are available without fixed-term contract, starting from 14,90 € + VAT per month

  • Webcampak Cloud Mini has been created for resorts and other touristic activities, it will captures pictures from an IP camera, publish them on the Internet with your logo, a legend and in the definition of your choice.
  • Webcampak Cloud Base is a timelapse solution with 100Go of disk space, timelapse videos features. You can browse within pictures archives, send some of them by email, watch timelapse videos, … .
  • Webcampak Cloud Max is a full-featured Webcampak Cloud dedicated server available with no restrictions. Rebranding is available so Webcampak become completely transparent.

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