Image by Florian Klauer


Simplified admin interface and scheduled captures

We started working on Webcampak in 2009 and we've been constantly adding new features since then.

The administration panel progressively became complexe and one of our focus for this new version (v1.5) was to make things easier, especially be reducing the number of menu and working on their content.

Capture calendar

This feature is especially useful in construction projects to avoid capturing too many pictures. It lets you configure capture timeframe depending of the day of the week.

This feature was available previously but was more complex to implement. We removed the “schedule” global menu and moved its content to “capture” on a per source basis.

Above, you can see that capture is activated Monday-Thursday from 07:00 am to 06:00 pm and Friday from 07:00am until noon.

FTP Servers configuration

We noticed that it was sometime necessary to send content from multiple sources to the same FTP server, to ease configuration in this situation we decided to move configuration of all FTP servers used by Webcampak to a dedicated global configuration page.

When a source is being configured, you can choose in a list the FTP server you want to send data to.

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