View of the project through Webcampak 2 interface


Project completion

In just a year, and about 1.5TB of pictures captured, our project in Montréal came to an end as an overview video was being released.

This video, created by our client, is a very nice example of what a timelapse video should be, a serie of dynamic sequences including global views as well as close-ups taken from many different locations at different time during the project’s lifespan.

Our role is to provide our clients with a reliable and flexible technical infrastructure to capture pictures over long period of time in a wide range of environments and to give them access to this content as pictures (RAW, JPG) or videos (H.264, MP4) via Webcampak Cloud.

We made the choice not to produce final videos because we strongly believe this process should remain highly creative and should not be streamlined by manufacturers of solutions vendors. When you go to the theater, you want to see a movie from Steven Spielberg, not from Canon. We want to stay in the back-end and support creativity with our technical solutions.