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Webcampak 3.0 in production - Sync files

Second blog post detailing Webcampak 3 features, we'll take a close look at the pictures sync features.

Sync’ing files

A new module called “Sync-Reports” has been created specifically to answer the following use cases:

  • Verify that all pictures have properly been sent to a remote server
  • Add a new remote server and send all pictures there
  • Re-send any missing pictures to a remote server

How it works

It’s actually a pretty simple feature, users can request a report and the Webcampak will compare files between two locations using, for each file, it’s name, location and size.

The Webcampak will provide the user with a short report showing number of missing files and corresponding size. This report can then be used to transfer missing pictures.

Create a report

When creating a sync report, the user select the source and destination to be compared.

The report is then placed in a queued and processed by the system.

Analysis of a report

The report display details about pictures available in source and destination, with count and size of files either in one, or the two locations.

To transfer missing pictures, the user just has to click on ““Re-run & Sync” to initiate the transfer.