Webcampak Changelog

Changelog (v3.x):

Coming soon

Changelog (v2.x):


  • Picture rotation
  • Other minor improvements


  • Easier way to configure internal sources processing
  • Raw files support when used in conjunction with internal sources processing (get) and variable capture rate
  • Few other U/I improvements


  • Completely revamped Webcampak Mobile web interface


  • Small improvement in the way configuration settings were loaded/saved for high latency links


  • Display link to both AVI and MP4 in the videos window
  • Various other improvements


  • Added DSLR RAW pictures support
  • Send stats by email daily
  • Some web interfaces modifications (mobile and desktop)
  • Critical bug corrections (compared to b61)

v2.0-b61 (experimental release)

  • New web interface based upon Sencha Extjs Framework (Javascript / Ajax)
  • Gather and display stats.
  • Better permissions and user rights management.
  • Audio & watermark moved to source + global level (instead of global only), this makes those files private.
  • FTP Servers configuration moved to source level (instead of global level).

Changelog (v1.x):


  • Removal of some php notice in the viewer/admin panel, code cleaning.


  • viewer/photos.php photos.tpl: improved interface when viewing small pictures (width below 1024).
  • Updated webcam capture module to assign a physical USB port to a specific source, therefore if multiple webcams are use they cannot move between sources.


  • Updated the USB webcam capture module. This is an alpha intermediate release.


  • Corrected a few bugs and started to work on a deflicker feature. This is an alpha intermediate release.


  • New: Extract date from exif metadata for “ipcam” source (any files uploaded to /tmp/ directory get renamed like this YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.jpg)


  • Correction of a bug in transition feature, caused by new “minimum time” feature


  • New: - Set a minimum time between two pictures when generating a custom video or post-prod batch


  • Modification in the way phidget sensors can be inserted into picture
  • Modification in the way phidget sensors can be inserted into picture


  • Few updates in a lot of files (mostly translation and look & feel).


  • Few updates in a lot of files.


  • Correction of a bug.


  • New: Calendar to select days of the week and timeslots to capture
  • New: Stats module, to collect details about running webcampak
  • Other modifications include:
  • Removal of source planner, planning integrated within source configuration
  • viewer/photos: corrected a bug when moving between months


  • New version, multiple modifications
  • Sensors are now considered a source
  • FTP servers are configured from a single page, ease things when multiple sources must send pictures to same FTP server
  • FTP section has been removed (replaced by FTP servers)
  • code update and various other modifications


  • Updated: Updated to latest version of jqzoom.


  • New: Added setting not to generate error hotlink pictures if capture failed (keep the last captured picture as hotlink).


  • Correction of a bug when sending sensors measurements to a remote host
  • Correction of a few bugs
  • Few improvements and corrections
  • config-photos.php: Correction of a bug when disabling pictures storage.
  • config-avance.php (locale): Change to make things more understandable.


  • Improved email alerts, the system can send a reminder when a source is offline, frequency of the reminder to be chosen during configuration
  • admin/index: Added a dashboard to overview sources (time since last capture, disk usage, …)


  • (and others): Define if there is an error based upon the time spent since last picture saved within pictures directory
  • Added time since last successful capture within error email subject


  • New: Added means to skip similar pictures when creating videos (to remove portions with no activity)


  • New: Capability to insert a thumbnail within a picture in post-production (i.e. a focus on a specific area)


  • Correction of a bug in RRD graph creations


  • Intermediate versions


This is an alpha release, likely to contain bugs.

  • New: Added a section to prepare shots for post-production. Including effects (camera tracking, zooming, …)
  • New: Ability to move shots between sources Those new modifications are mostly targetting central servers with large storage space, CPU and memory.


  • There was a missing try/except
  • Wrong maniuplation caused the whole capture to fail


  • New: , config-videocustom.: Added an option to create custom videos unsing only some of the pictures (i.e.: from 8:00am to 4:00pm)
  • viewer/../skeleton.tpl: Small modification of the viewer panel, an “empty” source was displayed in some occasions
  • viewer/photos.php: Next/Previous was moving by +5 instead of +1, corrected.


  • slideshow: Added a slideshow using jquery supersized. Can be used to display fullscreen pictures.
  • fullscreen: Added fullscreen capabilities using jquery supersized.


  • Correction of a typo bug for 2 pass video encoding.


  • RRDTool: Added RRDTool to graph sensors values instead of a custom build functions. Much more reliable.


  • viewer/photos.php photos.tpl: added 6 thumbnails below pictures (3 previous/following pictures)


  • admin/*.php *.tpl: added hidden form to ensure nothing gets submitted when restoring tabs from web browsers


  •, config-source.cfg, config-source.php, config-source.tpl: New option for IP Camera (FTP), no actions to be taken if no new pictures available


  • config-videocustom.php: Email parameter was not properly taken into consideration
  • Correction of a bug when generating a MP4 file.


  • Corrected a bug with FTP upload of images in case capture failed.


  • viewer/photos.php: Display an error message when there is an empty pictures directory for the current source
  • Multi-sensor configuration for video creation (regular and custom) (config-video.php/tpl, config-videocustom.php/tpl, locales,


  • Inserted a missing parameter in color-in function


  • viewer/videos.php: Using filename and not filedate to determine video creation date (was causing inconsitency if video file was transfered at a later stage)
  • Added a space in front of the date when adding a legend
  • viewer/videos.php/.tpl: Modification of the way video link are displayed (made it easier to understand)


  • Taking seconds in consideration in the filename
  • Adding a constraint to get capture delay parameter only for captures (and not videos or sample)


  • config-photos.tpl/.php: Removed deprecated portions of code
  • Implementing email alerting if no pictures have been uploaded via FTP to the Webcampak.
  • config-source.tpl/.php (locales): Added more precise instructions
  • New: Check if file has been properly uploaded and allow multiple retry (files:, config-sourceX.cfg, …)
  • New: Send phidget measurements via FTP to main FTP server (still in progress)

v1.1-b01-20110705 (major release)

  • /viewer/: Correction of a security issue in the viewer panel allowing authenticated viewers to see pictures from other sources by guessing filenames.
  • Removed hard coding, can support up to 4 different sensor per source.
  • New: Support for various phidget sensors


  • Added possibility not to insert a date with a legend during video creation
  • Added possibility not to insert a date with a legend during video creation
  • If source is a Webcampak, added a check to ensure temporary directories are not processed (only process directory starting with 20)
  • New: Added upload archives to an additional FTP server (for example to save pictures to a NAS and send pictures to a Webcampak for remote processing)


  • admin/../config-videocustom.tpl: Typo mistake creating issues with pre-processing.
  • admin/../config-video.tpl: Typo mistake creating issues with pre-processing.
  • Changed timestamp calculation method for inserting time & date within videos in pre-processing.


  • Addition phidget activation check.


  • Added a 10s timeout to webfile download function.
  • Changed default capture minimum size, from 300B to 3KB.